16 FREE Star Wars Embroidery Patterns!

The world absolutely needs more Star Wars embroidery patterns! I have created 16 FREE Star Wars embroidery patterns and today, I am putting them in one easy location. Now all you have to do is decide which FREE Star Wars embroidery patterns you want to start with!

I have been creating these with my six year old in mind, so the patterns of the people can seem a little kid like. BUT, don’t let that stop you from looking below, because there are plenty that would be cool no matter what your age. Lets start with…

The Dark Side 

1: Darth Vader

2: The Death Star

3: The Imperial Shuttle

4: Storm Trooper

The Original Trilogy

IMG_1998 (2)

5: Yoda

6: R2D2 and C3PO

7: Luke and Leia

8: Han Solo and Chewbacca

Star Wars Spaceships

9: X-Wing

10: Millenium Falcon

11: Tie Fighter

12: Imperial Star Destroyer

The Force Awakens

13: AT-AT Walker

14: Rey and Finn

15: Poe and BB8

16: Kylo Ren

Which pattern is your favorite?

Harry Potter Inspired Halloween Embroidery

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Do you want to know what inspired my latest Halloween embroidery pattern? I will tell you, the scariest Harry Potter book to me…The Chamber Of Secrets. You might be surprised, but turns out, my body gets the heebee geebez when I imagine being surrounded by GIANT HARRY SPIDERS that want to KILL YOU! UGH…easily my worst nightmare!

Right before Ron and Harry venture into the creepiest scene I can imagine, they are under Harry’s invisibility cloak when Hagrid gets taken away. His last careful words to them are “if anyone wanted ter find out some stuff, all they’d have ter do would be ter follow the spiders.” Ron and Harry are totally brave and go in, even though I know Ron wishes he hadn’t. I couldn’t have done it…that is probably why I am a Hufflepuff…

Well, today’s free Harry Potter inspired embroidery pattern is simply three words. Three words I hope I never have to listen to in real life…”follow the spiders.”

Let’s get stitching!

Earlier this week, I posted the best backstitching tutorials. I intentionally made this pattern so that the backstitch was the only stitch you needed to know how to do. (And maybe a tiny bit of running stitch…I couldn’t help it! I seriously don’t think a pattern is complete with out a little running stitch.) You could also choose to do just one color, black (310) if you really wanted it to be simple. I chose to add some metallic embroidery floss to the word “spiders”. In my imagination, the extra sparkle reminded me of the forbidden forest spiders of Aragog.

I also took a little extra time to tea-stain my pattern. Since Harry Potter books are filled with people writing on parchment, it seemed appropriate to me.

Tea staining is super easy. If you have never done it, give it a try. Most of the time, people tea stain before they start stitching, but I saw Bev from flamingotoes.com paint the stain on later in one of her pieces. I LOVED the idea and tried it myself!

All I did was boil some water.

Place 2 tea bags in it and let it steep (I don’t drink tea…but I assume that is a fancy word for sit…) for 15 minutes. Then I stirred up the tea and began painting the liquid wherever I wanted.

I did follow Bev’s example and blow-dried it after each coat. That left those dark lines and gave the fabric more depth, color and interest. I think it turned out great.

If you are not a fan of the old, dirty look feel free to skip it. I won’t tell.

Download the free pattern here.

Which Harry Potter book scared you the most?

Stitch of the Week: The Best Backstitch Tutorials!

The backstitch should probably have been my first Stitch of the Week tutorial, because it is my go-to stitch. I never embroider anything with out it! My mom taught me how to do this stitch, but not everyone has my mom to teach them.  So, instead I looked around the internet to find the BEST backstitch tutorials.

I started doing these round-ups because I found out not all tutorials are created equal. Some are unclear, some are hard to follow, and some are hard to watch because of length or boring content.  However, you won’t find that in the following tutorials…

Video tutorial

best backstitch tutorial

In my opinion, this is the only tutorial you will need! I think Mary explains it so clearly. She shows two methods: the stab, and the sewing. (Confession, I am a total stabber…Mary is right, the stab method makes a smoother, neater line. I also feel more in control using the stab method.) Find her video tutorial here at needlesnthread.com

Word and Picture tutorials

Sometimes, videos are over too quickly and you don’t want to be playing it over and over again.  That is when it is nice to have these word and picture tutorials.

best backstitch tutorialsThis one from Kari at crafts.tutsplus.com is very detailed and clear. If you are a true beginner, this is the tutorial for you. She explains everything from how to thread the needle, to different ways to knot or not knot the floss. It is all presented in an easy to understand fun way with bright pictures.

best backstitch tutorials

If you have embroidered before and just need a refresher, this is the tutorial I would recommend. It comes from LiliPopo...I just had to throw it in because her site is SOOOO darling! I just discovered it today and I am crazy about it! Her backstitch tutorial is not as detailed as the other two, but it is shown on the sweetest pattern! She does a fantastic job of showing the back of her work as well. Very helpful!

So, there you have it, the BEST backstitch tutorials. Thanks again to all the wonderful ladies who put them together for us to enjoy! I am sure you will find them as helpful as I did. How do you learn new embroidery stitches?

Best Backstitch tutorials